There is this theory about why men have nipples that everyone is a girl child before testosterone begin reacting with the foetus. Well, it’s not just testosterone which reacts and gives you a dick, it’s the sexual priming of child after birth which tries to get him understanding that a functional dick is just an illusion of manhood ’cause you still have nipples, and until they can ass-fuck you because of any of your ‘weakness’, you’ll keep a sissy! Anyone who tries stand up to the fact that there is no denying your being ass-fucked by anyone who’s stronger than you in any scenario is finally beginning to react to the testosterone–it can be a woman or a man too.

For men it becomes tougher ’cause they’re blinded by this big fat lie of patriarchal society, while for women it’s like a mountaineering expedition–full of fun and reward of self-reliance, belief. I personally consider my man-nipples a more potent a sign than a dick–which I have delightfully kept useless ’cause I haven’t been able to believe that I am a ‘man’ yet.

… I require to play only Opeth tonight.


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