Just a Passing Thought

considering sex helps humans feel relaxed and calm both physically and mentally, why are they not considering the probability of rapists being thoroughly frustrated at both conscious and subconscious levels? Frustration and despair are much deeper than what morality has become in present. And there is no denying that overall noise and reasons which frustrate us are steeply rising! … there is just no hope until you’re too damned smart… hence the fear makes us feel shackled causing frustration and despair. Hence people are being just pushed to edges–back-bitching, betraying, stealing, harming prospects of each other… even immoral endeavours are fine until they know to keep it hidden.

… maybe I am over-thinking ’cause I haven’t slept a wink in past 29 hours. But if I am right, Govt must make liquor cheap, citing the usual consumption and the average age group majorly consuming it in NCR!
So, the easy steps towards the solution could be encouraging people to exercise, give them sundays, create more parks, organize free music concerts, reduce the number of hoarding in the city, strictly penalize blowing horn unnecessarily… don’t make them self-centered greedy bastards!
Moral values and democracy in our nation have always been more of hypocrisy, but in pseudo-socialist India, people didn’t have dreams of an stupid iPhone or a rolex… the lesser the pipe dreams, the lesser the greed and impatience.
Sadly, we’re focussing on stricter law–just making the cover of pressure cooker heavier or putting more weight so as it doesn’t steam rather than turning down the flame.. Such fierce campaigns to become soldiers for women and what not… and then fight who… deranged fellow citizen? Great!


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