Hierarchy, courtesy Banks, Urbanization and Low Self-esteem of Farmers



Urbanization Killing Free Food and Making Money Worth More




About till a century or two back, the money was not a real requirement for most of the population because they could grow their own food and live off it even if a stash of paper was not adorning their premises or something. I mean it is nothing but fancy and colourful paper with signature of a rather known person. Then Urbanization began and the person who could grow the food was forced to pay hefty taxes and brutalized so as he forgets that he creates what everyone else on the earth needs more than the fancy paper! The generations of farmers were forced to believe that they are poor, illiterate and to live, they must confine themselves to the so called ‘villages’ or countryside. People in cities only have money and all they need to live can only be purchased. Cities are only placed with a lot more people buzzing around—each bee is upto something. Urbanization makes this practically useless fancy paper a real thing, a necessity, a fact of life, a matter of pride and success and peace of mind, a reason for contempt, a reason for doubt on self, a thing defining worth for humanity… everything practically that is required to establish hierarchy, to align 7 billion people.

Is the city a necessity of the growing population or growing greed?