A Puppy

I was walking to metro station today when a puppy began chasing me. I didn’t understand why he was… he wasn’t mine. I kept walking and he kept running along with me. I then slowed down and walked, making it easy for him to chase me, which he seemed to be doing. Then I sat under a tree, lit up a cigarette. He sat by me. He kept sitting for a while. Then a lady passed by and he began chasing her right like he chased me… she didn’t slow down until I could see her, until she took a turn and both the puppy and she went off my line of sight. The puppy wasn’t mine. But all the while he sat by me was enough to make me his… like I have been their too… who all stayed for a while, I didn’t know why, and left… which I didn’t know why either.

Finally Figuring Out What Sexiness Is

Well, you age much faster with the latest gadgets than you do without ’em. Same old game of vegetarians tricked into finding meat-balls delicious, like it happens in learning what sexiness is(or must be). Sexiness is nothing but hint to an invitation. But if I don’t have non-vegetarian food, you cannot hint how delicious some meat-ball is. Sadly, if you don’t have non-veg, you’re gay to those who cannot stop thinking ’bout it! HA HA!
The other joke I found very funny was how they get you feeling that you’re missing something if you don’t buy the gadget they’re selling NOW! To survive, they’ll keep innovating, being better.. an hence would want you to buy more of it… to never ever stop feeling old fashioned.

As the words of Great System of a Down go: PULL THE TAPEWORM OUTTA YOUR ASS!

Mail to Only Person Who I Think Listens to Me… Don’t Know For How Much Longer Though

I dislike smartphones, I am unfriending people on facebook and unfollowing on tumblr while constantly thinking of one place under the sun where I won’t be required to be socially active, to be replying to them audibly… one place where no one goes…. But, there is no way out ’cause I am quintessentially moving backward in time–lesser people on roads, empty streets, forsaken nights and corners, wooden racks filled with old old books, people minding their own business… less light, more sight… I am going to freak out soon and become a psychopath. It was better when I hadn’t given up completely on music with lyrics… wasn’t this repulsed by sex. Funny thing is that denying to succumb to it has in a way broke down whole construct of this world–prettiness doesn’t matter, showing off doesn’t matter, people become noise, visuals become annoying. What is making it all even worse is my sharp observation and how quickly my head associates words to visuals making them stories… even groping couple sitting in moving moving cabs, rickshaws,  number plates which aren’t in middle are becoming noisy… I am constantly ignoring… but I need to find a thought to base the approach rock solid upon.
I am really sorry that you’re having to listen all this… I had warned you ’bout myself, tried to keep a distance too ’cause I know I can become an annoyance. Worse still, soon you’ll begin to feel that you’re having to lug me, that I am kerfuffle… ’cause you belong to an entirely different approach towards life, people and everything… your set of friends think differently.. feel differently.. sorta beach-goers with ‘live life and love freedom’ kind slogans on bumpers(it’s not contempt, just indifference which I cannot help).. but since you’re so good a person, you wouldn’t just stop talking to me… but I might sense it… crap!
I promise that I am going to always be as rational as possible, so as I don’t become an annoyance.