What All I Can Look

I have often heard of looks like wise, sharp, sexy etc. Well, I highly doubt that these even exist. I cannot look wise[or idiot for that matter] or even be wise in first place ’cause all I can do is make a choice, I can try to keep patient which might help me to consider more variables and get closer to reality. Neither can I be sharp by similar logic. Looking sexy is infinitely delusional thing to think of! I mean all I can try to somehow display without being jailed for obscenity is my wish to have sex. But that is subjected to how much the onlooker wishes to have sex. Also, if I be burning in lust, sexiness will be in each deed of mine, I don’t have to wait for ‘looking’ ’cause some similarly lustful female might just notice it. i am low on lust and I am trying to be more patient and real–there is no ‘look’ which fits my pursuit.


Finally Figuring Out What Sexiness Is

Well, you age much faster with the latest gadgets than you do without ’em. Same old game of vegetarians tricked into finding meat-balls delicious, like it happens in learning what sexiness is(or must be). Sexiness is nothing but hint to an invitation. But if I don’t have non-vegetarian food, you cannot hint how delicious some meat-ball is. Sadly, if you don’t have non-veg, you’re gay to those who cannot stop thinking ’bout it! HA HA!
The other joke I found very funny was how they get you feeling that you’re missing something if you don’t buy the gadget they’re selling NOW! To survive, they’ll keep innovating, being better.. an hence would want you to buy more of it… to never ever stop feeling old fashioned.

As the words of Great System of a Down go: PULL THE TAPEWORM OUTTA YOUR ASS!