Metaphorical Reality

Few days back I felt that I need to know myself from experiences which do not involve anyone but me for what I know of myself from association with people is just a point, an element in the continuous set called my physical life. This led me to wish to experience something, anything. I went upstairs when it was 4.30 AM or so and around 4 degree Celsius, stripped down and just lay there on the terrace. It had me feeling something, but also had me thinking that I must go to a mountain river and take a dip. I am lucky to be living in India and to be earning more than enough. Today I am going to Rishikesh and going to dip myself entirely in river Ganga.

Since I have whole weekend to my disposal, I am going to go to Mussoorie too. This is a resistance to a suppressing cold. And this is an experience. I am going to be smoking up and be alone. And every time I would have something to tell someone, I would know that right there is what keeps me restricted and limited to this cage of association, relationships and all that. I happen to believe that alone time is a necessity for my relationships to be free from a wish to be free, entirely living the existence and the fact of association then….


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