Keep Returning

One thing is talking to someone for the first time. It’s often lovely if you people click. And oh, how they seem so different, so beautiful just before you’re about to say the first word! Then maybe you people talk for a couple of times more, talking all those ‘what I’m like’ things! heh! Then maybe you get busy with your lives which had just shared a glance, for a moment maybe… lives which always have a character of their own. Days pass… with one of you always willing more than the other to talk, but keeping quiet thinking you cannot force it… maybe you’re boring.

… and after days, maybe, you return and your lives pass each other by again! And it’s all like recollection! It’s all fresh for a moment… until the fruition sneaks into your thought that you’d soon part ways again… maybe you’re the one who is just required to keep returning in her life… like that mannequin on the cloth store around the corner.


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