Food Influences

Be cautious of what kind of food you consume ‘cause it’s just not how you’d look—fat or thin—it’s also how you’d smell, think and comprehend things! If you consume extremely low spices green vegetable or basically vegetarian food, your inside will be much more mellow, quiet and controlled—there will be no unnecessary anger or lust or anything out of control. I grew up in a liberal Hindu family. I tried non-veg first when I was 18. I did not hate it. Then I ate is many times after it. But, I still cannot say that I like it; I like simple food like boiled rice and some low spice curry, some green vegetable or maybe cornflakes. Food is the biggest influence from the outside, the most scary invader of my self-control. I am not against trying cuisines though, it is a work of art after all. But, what I realize is that my self-control is very sensitive at the moment—I can sense transformations in my wishes and behaviours.

One thing is quite certain: I do NOT want to belong to this generation of narcissistic, careless youth trying to make themselves seem in such awful pain that just hugging, fondling and making love with a text-book beauty can heal, who have absolutely no control over their thought and would do almost anything to belong to the pool! I find truth and that I be able to see in overwhelming abundance in Mathematics, meditation and exercising.


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