Aspects of Coin

It’s easy to understand that all opposite things are only two aspects of same coin–they’re worth the same and coexist in the moment. For example, I am both weak and strong in a moment, I both love and hate in a moment, there’s always day and night in a moment and so on. Another conclusion is that I cannot love without hating because they’re the same, I cannot be strong without being weak because again they’re the same.

How do I explain those moments to myself when I was feeling weaker and weaker knowing that I must resist? Probably, my understanding strength as control over the thought and following action is being wrongly interpretted… there is division, a schism somewhere… a disconnect between my body and my brain. I often be able to lay over my body’s requirement to fall asleep; I draw the definition of control from there and extend it to other physical needs. But this model of governance often witnesses me trying hard to suppress the body, which I see now as a wastage of potential.

In fact, my biggest issue is opinion of people–they all sleep too much, booze, party, have sex and find it natural to be this way. This all brings satisfaction only when one is content in a moment, which I ain’t, nor should I be. My thought throws me far away from all this and then when I have to be with them, I have to fake a lot… trying to look sociable. But, my inside is slowly hauling this all as my life is confining itself around tasks and accomplishments, knowledge, art and thought. I am experiencing things in a new manner every moment… people in love liking to live the visual of a picture in a tainted cellphone screen, hating a myth, lying and creating stories to be seen for a moment. And above all, what justifies my being an observer and feeling not chained like these are… I cannot be more disparate than an antonym, which too lies on the same coin… worth the same.


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