Target Audience of Reality

Association is tough to make without feeling. And if any one of the emotions is stronger than the other, association is more lopsided and less factual. Let’s make a scene and try to identify our association with it. So, you were driving from office to your bank for some quick thing around noon. You plan to return to office by 2 PM maybe. It’s around 45 deg Celsius and now you hit a traffic Jam and red light after red light, people are acting much more annoyed by heat and insane horn blowing and no way out visible and everyone’s going berserk and it get even more jammed! No traffic police shows up either. All the noise around blends with silence now ’cause it doesn’t matter or make any difference now.. you think… you think about the moment. You think of an ice-cream, of your friends, of your family… you think about getting late for bank and then about why you now required to go to bank… things begin to huddle up in your thought from past. There can be fear, frustration or indifference… there are in me. And from within that lens, you see the reality.  


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