Keep Breathing

Looking at the distance? From here to nowhere… to the horizon? This is the distance you’ve got to walk more. You just cannot relent, not just yet. And remember how you felt yesterday? How everything felt so futile with no reason to keep walking within sight….

I just gave you a reason to keep breathing for it is going to take time. And I don’t know why you’re always closer to the end you just witnessed than to the end you might expect for this beginning you made. I don’t know why you talk like this, why everything feels heavy sometimes and you feel like suffocating. Do you miss the childhood that could never be yours? Or you miss that someone above, that someone like you… that someone who could have seen the child in you carelessly sitting on pottery wheel? All that which you could have had would too have to be eventually given up for the same end–the one we don’t talk about and try to have forgot by keeping close to animals we are.


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