My drag name is either Chartreuse Charmeuse or Marzipan San Antonio, depending on your metric.

such eyes..

Neurotic Owl


Or possibly Snowflake Deermeadow.  If you’re wondering about the House of Charmeuse, the drag mom is Destiny Charmeuse, with daughters Chartreuse and Chanteuse.  We still have openings for Papoose and Caboose.  This is the kind of shit that happens when the costume shop gets slaphappy.

Anxiety Blows would be an awesome drag name, though – I stole it from a friend’s Facebook status a few days ago, before someone else’s joke about a stripper name turned into a long, painful argument about insensitivity and sex work and blah blah blah Facebook.  Argue on your own time, bitches – not on Snarky McAwesomepants’ (not their real name, btw) serious complaint about anxiety, which does, indeed, blow.


In retrospect, the thigh high boots may have been a mistake – I’m concerned that he looks a little more hooker than drag queen.  Class it up, Neurotic Owl.

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