Books Are the Answer!

I often feel that we’re swiftly going into times which are more impatient every moment. And nothing is being the obvious reason ’cause everything seems to be focusing on the present issue–more production, more people, more efficiency, more frustration, more drugs[metaphorically too]. … it’s like we’re being fueled by all the dark matter we’ve been trying to understand.

So, I was high[still quite am] and had had a coffee too. And I wanted to lookup some word’s meaning and was just going to look up dictionary sites when it occurred to me that I have Webster’s Collegiate hard copy–an actual book, not on kindle or my desktop or my tab, but an actual, substantial, alive book. And with the book in my hand, turning through its pages and searching for the word without using ctrl + F… it was… so much like reliving a photograph from long gone times… it was a fun game with books, stories[although I have read terribly less]… library in the school, sometimes in college too.

… I must get membership to a Library!

Books are the answer to finding a moment out of and away from this ambient impatience!   


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