Understanding Hollowness and It’s Attributes

Alike civilizations developed along rivers, our lives too develop along rivers of hollowness. All the attributes of hollowness within us can be understood in reference with behaviour of rivers and seas. In fact, one can mark the vastness of mental depth of an individual based upon nature of hollowness he carries within, the way he deals with it… makes sense of it. Hollowness is often born and dries out like ponds, small water bodies when we’re child. It can only be defined as an absence, a void. But if it originates from a source like what we hold within–not on surface–like ground water or glaciers, it is a perennial hollowness. Everyday life, the seasons we live and see add a bit to this perennial river. But, not all of us have just rivers of hollowness, few have seas and oceans–the people who can empathize, feel the hollowness within others.

Question, thus, arises what we can make of this analogy, whether it helps us consume, deal with or even use the hollowness. What’s obvious is that we all carry certain amount of hollowness within ourselves, we drink of it, bathe in it… it is central to our existence as individuals. I’d conclude this article with observing that all the depths are filled completely only with hollowness… all our wounds which do not fit words[and shouldn’t be stuffed either].


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