Words For Sale

What and why are answered only for things which are definite enough to fit in a packaging..  Putting an experiences in words, photos clicked by rich ass camera et cetera is same as equating glacier to bottled water..

Words try to envelope experiences in definable, understandable packages.. corrupt the very profoundness, virginity and indefiniteness of meaning… You rich ass camera can only bring clarity to pixels[often beyond you notice], but can never hold more meaning than you see.. see yourself unable to put in words.

I went to Manali two days back. I sketched what I otherwise would have snapped with ultimate ease[and would have that easily forgot] sitting on a stone protruding outwards a big steep rocky mountain with raging infant river some 150 meters below. Then I went down to that freezing water of river and skinny-dipped.. the water was so cold that an involuntary action of my feet hit pretty hardly on a stone and I had to get stitched. When doc put needle inside the bloody wound warning me that it could hurt, I laughed…. While sketching, a local guy came and sat by to see the sketch.. he told me how last year his partner deceived him and took all his hotel money.. we smoked up a joint then. Mountains were divine then! And those icy ones with heavenly brilliance and height in blue-y shadows.. Himalayas feel like guardians.. like we’re in the lap. I tried to live the moment as much as i could because it was a get away.. an unplanned and abrupt one to fit ill-logic.. but it all ended in me realizing how it was beyond words.. that half feet wide raw track with nothing but grass and drizzling and river and fear and people asleep while coming back.. those lit up dark, dark mountains and the river which I had known since its infancy..  


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