I actually didn’t have one of these nights last night, but I am all too familiar with them.

have been living it.. I play music.. OSTs basically.. But writing a code or reading something helps a lot too.

Neurotic Owl


What do you guys do to turn off your brain?  My go-to is reading, but that has its own perils – if the book’s not good enough, I’ll keep getting distracted by other crap, and if it’s too good, I will read it all and never sleep.  Occasionally super-late-night terrible tv works, although I think that’s how I ended up with those Beachbody workout DVDs.  Luckily, they’re actually pretty good and I’ve used them a ton, so good job, sleep-deprived, impressionable me.  I should really get those out again when I get laid off in a month and no longer have access to the workout room.  Oh, also, I’ll be laid off in just over a month.  I’d be more upset if my job didn’t make me crazy, but I imagine I’ll have more sleepless nights as the end of May approaches if I don’t get some work lined up…

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