The Pot

The pot is Tool’s creation and is something I relate to the most at the moment. I am at home presently, but this is what I am feeling the least–at home. How fascinating is that looking for someone to point the finger to… better still if that person finds himself incapable of retort! Best deal! But, why is that person quiet and letting them point the fingers at him? Does he think that it actually is his fault? He wasn’t here… he wasn’t allowed to be. And all he tried to do when came by was to tell all those who already were that they were making mistakes and he was going to handle it… he just cared to try improving things. And then he saw all hell breaking loose. But, why was he still quiet…? I am tending to think that words, sounds or anything might be rendered futile, which probably only he could sense… maybe ’cause he couldn’t find anything to look for, and kept staring at whatever was… there… worthlessness of words, pointlessness of speaking anything at all….

My sister was looking something up on google and she was looking pissed as favourable results weren’t turning up. I had to tell her that the thing about information is it cannot be there with everyone… the uncertainty is the measurement of information.

… come back, Atonement OST #nowplaying

PS After I lost all my data, it’s so good to get to listen this OST.


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