The Casualness of Sex

Well, today a senior of mine asked me why people cannot understand that sex should be more casual in India.. so as they don’t make a big issue out of it. I tried to dodge the bullet ‘cause I don’t think sex ever can be casual. I mean I have been told, and I must agree, that two people cannot be physically closer than while having sex. How can then this closest of ‘em all be casual?

Plus, there is release of dopamine and oxytocin chiefly which means you bond more at the moments around orgasm ‘cause these neurochemicals relax you entirely and make your body more aware of smells of your partner both at the same time! Moreover, you’ll be naked which is the most honest you can be, until you’re a bastard in clothing of a human body! If you can make this thing casual, you are disowning a great great experience of being human, in my opinion.

For a person like me who fails to ask of things like a sheet to cover himself at night when its cold, dislikes to sleep or eat, constantly wants to keep his cell-phone off, doesn’t even ask for more food even when hungry and at home, sex can never be casual. And I am fine with this. I was born 3 days short of 1990 and yet I find myself most comfortable in a life which used to be… more free it was.


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