All of us who can speak know at least one language. And there are many many languages which developed at different times, under different circumstances and in different parts of the world. It was quite cold for centuries until second half of 20th century when suddenly new languages began doing rounds, languages like B, C, Assembly Language, Pascal, COBOL, Python, FORTRAN, C++ et cetera. The purpose of a language never changes though–we were again communicating. But here there was a difference–this time whom we were talking to was also programmed[in a way ‘told’] to get us to certain extent and be very rude with marking out mistakes of miscommunication directly! HA HA!

Alike there are various expressions which are possible in one language and not in another, these new languages also came up with similar dissimilarity! It’s during talking to a computer you notice that our communication among humans is so so dependent on how understanding the listener is–the compiler! Grammar of both the languages is very important to make sense and so are semantics too. Languages like Python and C++ are much more elaborate compared with vectored ones like GNU Octave, MATLAB etc. Still… talking is one requirement which is fulfilled by the one understanding us, and not all of us have things to tell to their computers!


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