There Was an Old Toy Under This Pile of Noises

I watched Kill Bill today for the first time on my flatmate’s PC. The movie is lovely! Then I found a lot of music–Pop and shit mostly, with Led Zep, Floyd and Nirvana sparred all across. Last video in the folder was Judas Priest’s Painkiller! It actually is a painkiller with oh-mazing riff and drums and whole tempo!! … only a couple of weeks back I lost all my data in a pursuit to load new linux distro; second time I lost all the data. Only this time, my external hard drive saved me with most essential music and ebooks and documents in a copy. I lost all my blues, jazz, country, grunge, metal, rock, hard-rock, piano-rock, 60s and 70s, Megadeth! I’d in my hard disk Opeth, Tool, Pink Floyd, OSTs, Arch Enemy, Kalmah, COB, Lamb of God, Porcupine Tree, Finger 11, Massive Attack, Evanescence and Classical.. adds up to somewhat 18.4 GiB; what I had earlier was 98.3 GiB! I am not even mentioning the documents I lost… but I am quite sad.

… Last time I had lost my data was one damned instance of Universe forcing you to reborn–my laptop was stolen a fortnight after my external hard-disk had crashed! … I didn’t weep, never do, recollected and made an even better collection. It somehow told me that my data is me–I am living in a mental state which generates similar data given some time! But this brings me closer to who I am, rebuilding everything which takes me with itself to a new experience, making it even better. How do I move on when I am brought back periodically to the fruition that everything I think I understand means a lot more, all the music I like, I could like more… there is an old toy under this pile of clothes… noises.


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