I just can’t let go

… I guess I am OCD..
In past one week, I have installed Kubuntu 13.04, Ubuntu studio 12.10, tried installing LMDE mate 1, Edubuntu 12.10, Linux Mint 13 Cinnamon and now SolusOS on the same hard disk in trying to get GNU Octave working on it. Funny thing here is that on the windows based PC beside it, Octave is ALREADY FUNCTIONAL!
… but, it doesn’t feel like working on Windows PC…. I built GCC from scratch, I mean literally from scratch–beginning from downloading M4 package, MPFR, MPC.. since morning I have configured and made gfortran, perl 0.8 and now BLAS and LAPACK in progress. Worse still, I haven’t had anything since morning and it doesn’t feel like a big deal even!


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