Our Lives As the Stories that Have Been

Well, it occurred to me this evening that since the Roman Empire or Egyptians, there have been so many people born and died that all my thoughts and the way I am pursuing my life could be an image of a life which has been… which someone lived and died…. i would want to know how it ended. It’s true that all my actions bring about result in this present moment and not in past. But still it is now tough to believe that it’s not somebody else’s story that I might be living. All my sorrow, wishes and happiness could be almost the same as the one’s somewhere in past. I mean it is like tracks of a train overlapping… The world today is a noise our of an imbalanced amplifier. But the input signal to that amplifier doesn’t seem to have changed much as the preference of almost all are more or less the same–people haven’t stopped to be human, nor they ever would.


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