Oh, Believ Me, You Wouldn’t Know When It’d Happen Actually

This overdosing on Internet, Hollywood, ads, music and stupid self-conscious posts has made you aware of how it would be, all of it. But the truth is that they have only sold a perception of it, only which could be marketed based upon awe.

Look at yourself! You’re willing to be tired more than you’re actually tired! You heeding to your feelings so much that in pursuit to synchronize with what all has been shoved up your ass about happiness and sorrow and all the hues in between, you’re meaninglessly trying to feel their way–not even knowing what exactly you’re feeling! Poor you!

Well, my stomach is aching real bad… I am damned hungry… have slept for 3 hours only in past 40 something hours.. travelled for hours too.. waiting for some shop to open and save me today.. I hope I am not bleeding inside! It’s like a crunch today. But, the good thing is that I have configured gcc-4.8.0.. I just require to build it and install it.. but, cannot! I am too damned hungry!

Playing system of a down, 2011 Rock am’ Ring show! Kill the Rock n’ Roll playing! Such lovely band it is! Getting a hungry person bang his head.. now playing Lost in Hollywood.

… I really don’t know where I am going now.. I am far more truthful to myself, far more easily irritated and lost!


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