What If I Tell You that You’ll Never Be Married or Have Kids

Well… it’s tough to say which way I would react ’cause at 23 years of age, I don’t think about all this anyway. But more serious question underlying here is about expectations, sanity, supposed peace and separatism–our present day chaotic lives are having hopes of some peaceful future. Should I blame my toilet training which[according Dr Freud got me understanding that there is reward to reap somewhere in future]? Although, here I am not considering whether a girl must ever marry me or the world is good enough for one more kid to be…. Worse still that married people aren’t looking that happy or peaceful!

Nevertheless, telling something like this to self does brings an eerie silence to thought for a moment. Also, there is so much pain in world already that expecting something of a paradise like this is utter selfishness and stupidity ’cause earth is a round planet and NO FUCKING BODY CAN REAP ALL THE REWARDS ALONE! This is separatism too ’cause you’re resorting to wishes which seem to soothe you irrespective of what all is there.

But, counter-statement goes that this is the natural order of a human civilized life. If you don’t marry and have kids, you might turn into a rapist! This is what ‘sane’ people do. Well, to that I’d say that all men potential rapists ’cause they have all raw material required to rape a woman–it’s like the fact that we all have a cancer gene in us, but only those get sick with cancer whose bodies meet a carcinogen; there is a carcinogen in case of turning rapist too. And sanity.. oh, boy… who owns it anyway! We all are quite insane to all those who were sane a century back.. ask old people what they think ’bout the world today.

So, it is logical to conclude that wishing to be married and having kids, those wishes of ‘some one’, of family and all is utter crap! If there would be something like this in my future, I will certainly get a chance to live it. But, if I don’t, it’s okay… it always is okay.


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