The Nowhere Everywhere

It’s a personal account and might as well be another post trying to understand my days and nights getting completely out-of-sync with the life we know today. Well, I have accounts on facebook, tumblr, myspace, twitter, wordpress, Quora, and pinterest, Also, i get newsletters from Electrical and Electronics times, Mozilla development, Linux communities etc, I get a word each day and I get updates and projects from GNU Octave, Elance, etc. Plus, as i walk out, I over-hear people talking things, people have begun to be very talkative via their dress-up, hair-do, ring-tones, coldness of sight etc… they all tell me more than I can bear to listen… These all sites present me with what’s going on, try to get me catching up on what everyone’s up to. However, the problem is that everyone is up to something and they all are great and genuine, inspiring blah, blah, but unnecessary! The issue is that once I am in process of doing something, this all is just ways to digress and prevaricate.

Internet is big damned nowhere everywhere ’cause it all tries to be connected and begins and ends within you only–all the friggin time! Often it seems quite illogical to even sit around to while away time and see what all is happening–nothing ever is happening! It’s most useful when you have a question in your heart.


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