The BBC World reports:

“Here in South Korea it can sometimes feel as if there are two separate nations at the moment.

The news bulletins are full of the latest North Korean threats, the papers carry front-page pictures of the military hardware being paraded on both sides of the peninsula, and South Korea’s own politicians are warning of a swift and strong response to any provocation.

But down on the streets of Seoul, life continues as normal.

Shops are full; taxi drivers hum their favourite karaoke classics; and the streets are packed with people out enjoying the sunny spring weather.

But with their own defence ministry saying North Korea is moving an medium-range missile towards the east coast, why is there not more of a sense of crisis?”

This is what capitalism has made us–zombies! We don’t give a fuck to whether there’s a nuclear war going on a couple of block from the multiplex we intend to watch avatar’s in damned 3D this weekend! We, in cities, aren’t going to feel any threat until they take away our weekends, iPhone outlets and internet! Goddamn! Who are we?! What the fuck!


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