Pointlessness of Pity

“1940-41 saw also political influences on the census but in opposite direction; since whereas the difficulty in 1941 was to defeat an excess of zeal.
It can be taken as certain that this single instance operated heavily to secure perhaps the fullest record yet achieved in an Indian census. The whole population was census conscious or at any rate the active part of it.”

Probably it’s logical to conclude that basic of problem of India is a people who has time and again failed to earn themselves a living. This lead to generations of dependence on leaders who themselves just focused on ‘earning’. People were forced to give away daughters, mothers were sick and hungry and pale… men saw it all slipping away and receded to escapism… the sons who lived were promised paradise in schemes, the same schemes funding which is now impoverishing Govt and forcing Finance Ministry to hope PRIVATE SECTOR to play saviour as 1991 kind economic crisis looms. We could very well be 1.02 billion people with fed bellies, the economy of world lopsided towards us ’cause over 1 billion brains and earning hands is a massive resource! But what we’re doing instead? Giving away free condoms and garbage-men cleaning thrown away babies! Why must I pity any damned one! I must just focus on earning a good living!


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