…I Am Sensing that Probably I Am on the Edge

I am getting easily irritated due to softwares not working. Today when a stray dog began barking at me without any reason, I hit it very hardly with a stone… with a wish to end him… it’s not what I am like! I just wanted to tell him to stop doing it! I am laying over eating, sleeping and what not! I am constantly finding it tough to think of things to say.

… I probably am on the edge. This post today must be marked as a log.

I must go smoke, and return to damned package. Funny thing is that I have it quite functional on my PC at home, I even have it functional in windows OS based PC at work. But I am being driven crazy because one Linux PC is failing to run the package I require! Why? I cannot answer! I have lost my marbles maybe!

… relenetless

… restless.


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