Universe in a Mathematical Mirror–Boundary Being Image of It All

“But after doing more mathematics, it seemed to make literal sense that the Universe is a projection of information on the boundary.”
“I found that there’s a mathematical dictionary that allows you to go back and forth between the languages of these two worlds,” Maldacena explains.

Juan Maldacena, upon mathematically realizing a 2D ‘hologram'[metaphorically obviously, super-string theory supported and ‘sans gravity’ existence of particles] of the infinite 3D Universe at its boundary, hence settling paradox Hawking created by proving that a black hole could ‘evaporate’ leaving its ‘information’ unrecoverable, while Quantum Mechanics posits that all information is recoverable.

Probably, it’s quite justified to believe that the moment of death will reflect whole of the life….

Flood, Tool #nowplaying


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