I Wouldn’t Hide

Okay, I have watched few MMSes which did rounds on the internet and all those websites who[and NOT which ’cause they live like eyes of most of them] thrive only ’cause people require to see regular girls doing things which would somehow justify their deranged delusional fantasies and help them forget about guilt. It’s obvious that they are marring women, trying to get inside their clothes, breaking them down with promises of happily ever after etc ’cause they have a guilt, a conscience which is begging them to set it free… it’s been brutalized for quite too long now by irrational wishes of escaping all of the frustration due to unwarranted desires by cowering under unparalleled nastiness. These MMSes have made all of it really very ugly for me! I never required to see regular people getting naked and doing things to eachother! It’s all so damned cheapened now… and as if I am scarred! Often, however, a very meek worry inside me is why I found it so damned repulsive. Personally, I don’t want to know any of what you don’t want to tell… I seriously hate peeking into lives and personal behaviours.


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