Display Picture of Conscience

What makes having killed the enemy different from knowing that you’re out of his reach is the same thing which makes being found guilty and finding yourself guilty different.
Every damned person making a profile and projecting a persona is very efficiently killing the inner voice… no one’s finding himself guilty before everyone finding him so. Living some time in that persona every day[or regularly] is replacing living what actually is… worse is their approval[in form of liking] on things which otherwise only family and very close friends could know.
Given that 300 people or so are getting to read/see what colour your undergarment is, or what lipstick you wore the other sunday and happening to comment and like it, I wouldn’t wonder why each one of you is feeling like a rockstar! You indeed are!
Nevertheless, social networking has its uses too. So does the toilet acid! But, would that mean that you’d put it in your gravy…? I hope not.

I haven’t been to battle fields. But I have conscience and it is quite a CIA for enemies inside myself.

Deliverance, Opeth #nowplaying


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