The Journey Is the Reward

It indeed is. I mean when you keep awake in pursuit of finding answers, for something which gives you the knowledge is far far more fun than just falling asleep. It’s like you won’t ever fall asleep. But, whenever you would, you’d be satisfied and tired… you’d allow yourself to be tired.

Tomorrow is the result of my journey, the reward I would be looking for had I been expecting. But since walking with a belief in myself and having given what all I could without giving in to fear has already rewarded me an acquaintance with myself, what more I had in me but was afraid to discover… beyond fear was more of myself. The journey gave me something forever, permanently changed my attitude towards what all I face… and it all is so beautiful.

Nirvana’s Come As You Are I’m playing and I have always loved it so much. It means so so much more when I sing it to myself. I made it my hello-tune!


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