Same Land Within New Boundaries

I had tumblr account since December, 2009… until today. For many days past, it was feeling annoying and unlike myself. People were only talking about how they wanted to be liked by someone, or were just showing rebelliousness because the one who they liked didn’t like them as much… there was excessive reblogging from actual artists and frankly, I felt it quite dumb, weak and quite feelings oriented rather than exploratory in pursuit. Also, they talk a lot about sex there–the gifs, images, art and everything is frustratingly intertwined, dripping with and reeking of wish for sex. I am an asexual–I don’t require sex, it’s thought inside my head is just a stupid reaction to imagery being forced on me by advertising and internet. I require to set myself free because I feel terribly repulsed by the notion of sex, have always been since puberty… it feels like I’m chained to something… that it would never let me see through…. Also, very recently I have quit listening to music which contains lyrics because I don’t want to hear what the musician associated the particular music composition with… no, I don’t. I listen to just symphonies, massive attack and melodic death metal because it’s so damned loud that lyrics don’t matter anyway.

So, wordpress it is until next time I feel bound.


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