In This Moment I Finally Am

Since early last month, I had been trying to disown thoughts of past and future and be entirely in the present. What strikes me today is that I’m terribly annoyed and appalled by the things in the world at the moment, while they have been this way for past couple of years now, haven’t they? But why such an amplified reaction from me now? I have always been a metalhead, progressive metal fan and psychedelic rock person. But why I chose to give up on lyrics only a couple of days back? It took over a month for the thought of being in present moment to sink into my consciousness…? And now since I am in present entirely sans the thought of past and expectation of future, I feel shackled due to the noise around… I require to be entirely alone and stare at empty walls for a while. I did reason a couple of days back that present moment cannot be filled with anything except hollowness–neither happiness nor sorrow or indifference.


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