From Caffeine to Guilt

There are promises you make to yourself. One of the really significant ones is how you want your life to be and what you’re doing to make that happen. And until you’re there, you haven’t fulfilled the promise… hence there has to be guilt associated with your lack of prowess, your laying over.

I have always required something from me. But there is this damned fact that I get tired and require to sleep too. I, hence, have found caffeine(an espresso or at best an americano) to be a blessing. But, now time has come that I question why is there even a wish to sleep when things are incomplete. So, it was always guilt which I tried not to face to think a little good ’bout myself. … guilt will keep me awake and what all I’d do get over in direction of right required action would make my self-esteem.

Eine Kleine Nachtmusik – I: Allegro, Mozart #nowplaying


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