The Noise Play!


It was another successful meet with countless new visitors (seriously I did lose count 15+ is my guess) We also had an very generous donation of equipment, tools and books which included a soldering station, LCD projector and Oscilloscope! The whole evening was a hubbub of chat with lots of interesting geekery.

I have had interest in serial to parallel latch shift registers – They allow you to shift in 8 bits of data in serial, the data gets stored then when the latch pin is enabled the 8 bits of data get released to the 8 output pins.

Kevin Darrah gives an brilliant youtube video explaining them with a simple circuit here

I thought I would have a go at building his circuit and play about with shifting data, so I built the circuit to what i thought it should be and drew up the circuit in eagle cad;

When I connected up the…

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